Try FederatedScope in your browser in a JupyterLab. Star
To try the FederatedScope Playground, you can simply log in and get started with your Github account. Please note:
  • Each logged-in user will be assigned with a JupyterHub session in which you will complete: installing FederatedScope, a quick start, and a tutorial about how to start your own case. (More tutorials in the Playground are coming soon!)
  • From each JupyterLab session, you can access a container with a resource limit of 2 CPU cores and 30GB memory. The session will automatically expire after 60 minutes (or 20 minutes without any active user interactions). All files will NOT be saved!
  • The service provided by FederatedScope Playground is strictly limited to the trial of FederatedScope ONLY. Any other use is strictly prohibited. Your use of the service will be at your own risk. And we provide no warranties to the service.
I have read and agree to all of the above.